Why did you decide to develop EVP?

Dagmar: From my standpoint, EVP is the basis of each well-anchored company. It was only a matter of time until we have decided to run this exercise. It fully supported our team strategy to lead open and transparent communication.

Veronika: It was important to share the true stories of our employees with the rest of the world. Showing personal quotes about what our employees appreciate about our company is a very powerful tool which builds the employer brand and can strengthen our position on the labor market. This can help a lot as well our candidates who can understand what actually awaits them once they start working for us.

Veronika Renner 

How did the entire process go?

Dagmar: We spent half a year collecting data on how we are perceived by people working in ExxonMobil as well as new candidates. We compiled questionnaires, went through exit interviews, set up face-to-face workshops where we gathered employees from across the company and we also approached the senior management and managers of individual departments. We also took into account the outputs of the annual Work Environment Survey, which is basically our satisfaction survey. The survey generated thousands of comments expressing the emotions and values of our employees. We then analyzed and categorized all the information and came up with four values representing our company’s DNA.

What was the result? What is the DNA of ExxonMobil?

Dagmar: We’ve discovered that our employees are genuinely motivated by the following four central values. The Global environment we work in. The Stability and success of our company. The programs and benefits which clearly demonstrate our company Cares about our lives and families. The support of Progress for company and us as employees through career and professional development. When it comes to these four values, we are, or we come close to be, number 1 on the Czech market.

Veronika: But that’s not all. If you ask open questions, you will get an overview of what the employees are satisfied with and what they would like to improve. We named these stimuli the “Areas for Improvement” and the last thing we want is for them to be forgotten.


Give us a more detailed feel of the individual values.

Dagmar: Our first value, Global, means we are indeed a global organization. We work with nearly 150 countries and our multicultural environment makes us unique on the Czech labor market, while 51% of employees in ExxonMobil Prague are foreigners. The second one is Care. We as employees can participate in a number of events, presentations, workshops or development sessions. We are learning more about topics of our own interest; focusing primarily on health, family, work-life balance Moreover, we can stretch our muscles every day during fitness breaks, have fresh fruits available during winter months or get a massage right at the office. After years of work, we can go on sabbatical leave or be well supported before, during and after maternity and parental leave.

Veronika: Much like our business, we are also long-term oriented as an employer and focus on providing our employees not only with a job at the company but a career; that’s Stability. And the last value is Progress. Based on the feedback we have received, it has two different meanings. The company progress resulting from our employees’ contribution. They have meaningful jobs which directly impact the business. However, progress also represents the personal and professional development.

Dagmar Císařovská 

How do you manage to eliminate identified shortcomings?

Veronika: First of all, we direct them to the right people who are actually able to deal with them. Specifically, in the area of HR, we’ve adjusted the offer of benefits, the rules of work-from-home time and introduced sabbatical leave.

Dagmar: We share all the measures we take to correct these deficiencies with our employees. But if there is something we simply cannot solve, we go out on a limb and admit it.

Which method have you chosen to communicate the EVP results to the employees?

Dagmar: It is a continuous process of promotion and sharing. We shared the results with all employees, organized several celebration events, run quiz, handed out branded gifts. We then started promotion via external communication channels like media and company Facebook. We continue to share personal stories of employees which represent the 4 values.

Veronika: We wanted to avoid standard communication channels. So, we had to come up with something new, something compelling. And I believe that we were successful.


How do you further utilize the entire EVP?

Dagmar: Communication is key in this case. Our internal communication uses various tools; from posters, e-mails all the way up to people’s stories in our internal newsletter. We try to explain what EVP actually is, why we’ve implemented it and what lies behind the four values. We also communicate our values outside the company. For instance, we shoot short videos and interviews with employees and post them online and on social networks.

Veronika: We also use EVP while recruiting. Each recruiter knows our values and presents them to the candidate using their personal story and their own set of values.


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